Thursday, April 29, 2004

Walking Free

Today Split Municipal Court sentenced 22-year old Jurica Torlak to three years of prison for January 22nd killing of Ivona Lalić (Ivona Lalic), 8-year old pupil of Spinut Elementary School. Girl was hit by Jurica Torlak's motorcycle in in front of her school, in the area banned for motorists. The accident, which occurred in front of Ivona Lalić's father and few hundred pupils and other witnesses, caused outrage in Split. Today the site of the tragedy is surrounded by metal barriers that block access to motor vehicles.

Obviously satisfied with the fact that Torlak is not likely to pull the same stunt at the same place again, Court remained faithful to Mother Theresa school of criminal justice, so popular among Croatian judges. Torlak was released from detention and he would remain at large until the sentence is upheld at appellate court.

Ivona Lalić's father wasn't present at the sentencing. I dare not to imagine how he feels today.


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