Monday, February 28, 2005

Scorsese Loses Again

I must say that I’m not particularly disappointed with what many critics – especially those more snobbish - are likely to call “another Oscar disgrace”. So, Martin Scorsese failed again to win “Oscar” and his status of one of the greatest American filmmakers isn’t confirmed with a golden statue.

I think that Scorsese indeed deserved “Oscar”, but not for The Aviator.

The most annoying “Oscar” winners – and those most likely to sink into oblivion – are Hollywood movies made with the sole purpose of getting “Oscars”. The Aviator fits that profile. The actual winner, Million Dollar Baby, also fits that profile but slightly better screenplay and significantly better quality of acting makes Academy’s choice less annoying. Personally, I rooted for Sideways, although I knew that that little film didn’t stand a chance. I hoped against hope that Virginia Madsen could pull small miracle and win Best Supporting Role Award, but I wasn’t disappointed to see Cate Blanchett get it instead.

I watched only bits of the ceremony so my impressions are sketchy. Morgan Freeman again confirmed his reputation of the classiest Hollywood actor while he received an award in the most dignified way. I’m also pleased with the Motorcycle Diaries song getting “Oscar” – it was the best, and the author showed great ingenuity while receiving his award.


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