Wednesday, March 09, 2005

24 sata – First Week

Judging by the reactions in Croatian blogosphere, few people greeted 24 sata with much enthusiasm. Many are disappointed with the unapologetically tabloid nature of new daily newspaper and many are predicting 24 sata to last no more than few weeks or months.

However, in its first week, some very important people took more serious view of 24 sata. The most important of them is Split businessman Željko Kerum (Zeljko Kerum), who apparently didn’t like the article about him purchasing new Lamborghini while his workers are being laid off en masse. Soon after the article 24 sata mysteriously disappeared from the shelves in Kerum’s supermarkets.

24 sata also reports about censorship in Sv. Ana Retirement Home in Zagreb. Its manager Luce Slišković (Luce Sliskovic), apparently displeased with the way newspaper had covered her activities, has asked her staff to report about all of Home’s inhabitants who read 24 sata.


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