Friday, March 11, 2005

Old and Still Unknown Faces

Globus decided to make some sort of tradition with its choice of 100 Sexiest Croatian Women. This time, however, instead of “Sexiest” they used more “politically correct” phrase “Most Beautiful”.

And, slightly less so than in the last year, I'm amazed by the criteria used.

Compared with 2004 list, there are 17 new names. I must admit that those who dropped from the list are, in my humble opinion, less attractive than new entries.

However, the list follows last year’s pattern – women who are unknown are more likely to have higher positions than those with familiar faces.

The winner of the “contest”, Martina Maras, 24-year old model is the following the footsteps of her predecessor Renata Sopek (this year on No. 5 spot). She apparently earned her spot by being host of Bingo Show on HRT, state-run television.

No. 2 spot is reserved for Aleksandra Grdić (Aleksandra Grdic), Miss Croatia 2003 who is currently filling tabloid headlines with drug scandal.

Big Brother Croatia contributed to the list with three faces – Ana Gotovac is #26, Marina Bajlo is #49 and Vlatka Kraljić (Vlatka Kraljic) is #56.

Josipa Perin, Croatian representative in To sum jas reality show (ex-Yugoslav variation of Big Brother) was nowhere to be seen on the list, despite being the most popular woman of all contestants.


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