Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Serbia Strikes Back

We live in really interesting times.

Less than a year after the start of L’Affaire Severina, Croatian pop diva’s “work of art” has apparently spawned some sort of unofficial contest between former republics of ex-Yugoslavia. Each country apparently has legions of former, current or would-be celebrities willing to record some of the most intimate details of their lives on camera and those images with increased intensity appear on Internet.

Severina Vučković (Severina Vuckovic) of Croatia ruled Internet with her sex video for much of 2004 and in early days of 2005. She was soon de-throned by Suzana Mančić (Suzana Mancic) of Serbia. Mančić’s reign was much shorter due to the appearance of fresh talent in the form of Ines Juranovič (Ines Juranovic), Slovenian beauty queen. Ms. Juranovič a.k.a. “Amanda” had good reasons to expect her reign to last due to her charming looks.

Unfortunately, some Serbian patriot apparently didn’t like the idea of a Slovenian holding the throne. Internet is again abuzz with the news of Serbian celebrity sharing – willingly or unwillingly - some of her most intimate moments with the rest of the world. This time the celebrity in question is Maja Bugarić (Maja Bugaric), host of Serbian TV Zrenjanin whose work is so far the longest – some 59 minutes – and, according to those who had seen it, “more intense and the Severina clip”. There are some reports about the clip being available on the Internet for more than a year. If this is true, Severina’s tape apparently wasn’t the first of that kind, but its historic importance is undiminished. Only such spectacular start of a new trend allowed other, minor celebrities like Ms. Bugarić to be properly recognised.


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