Monday, March 07, 2005

Two Horses in the Race

Unlike many other European nations, Croatia is enjoying enviable head start in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It is likelier that a Croatian representative will win this than anyone else.

This is for a very simple reason. Croatia is going to have two representatives in the contest. The first one is Boris Novković (Boris Novkovic), winner of Dora contest held in Zagreb few days ago. He won with his song Vukovi umiru sami (“Wolves Die Alone” in English). I still have to listen to this song but those did say that it is very much like Lane moje, Serbian song that won 2nd place on last year’s contest.

The other representative is Feminnem, Croatian female pop trio formed by three of Hrvatski idol finalists. They will represent Bosnia-Herzegovina after winning that nation’s Eurovision competition. Two of their members were born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, thus making them eligible.


Blogger Michael M. said...

Is there any place I can go to bet that Croatia will give 12 points to BiH, and vice-versa? Because that's one bet I'll take any day of the week and for any amount. :)

8:18 AM  

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