Monday, March 07, 2005

Vladimir Šeks (Vladimir Seks) Lost His Son?

According to Večernji list (Vecernji list), Domagoj Šeks (Domagoj Seks), 25-year old son of Vladimir Šeks (Vladimir Seks), speaker of Croatian Sabor (who happens to be one of the most powerful men in the country) was murdered in Goa, India.

Unlike his father, who was in politics for most of his life, first as a human rights activist and dissident in former Yugoslavia, than as one of the champions of extreme right within Tudjman’s HDZ, Domagoj Šeks was associated with Croatian equivalent of counter-culture. He studied philosophy at Zagreb University and led ATtack, left-wing NGO dedicated to various alternative lifestyles.

It is still unconfirmed whether Domagoj Šeks is dead or not. Some sources claim that he is still alive, but “not well”. In any case, this wouldn’t be the first violent incident in which he was victim. In 1995 Croatian police dispersed punk rock concert using extreme force. Among hundreds of youths suffering injuries was Domagoj Šeks.

Whatever his son fate might be, Vladimir Šeks has cancelled state visit to Israel and all official appointments.


HRT, state-run television, reports that Domagoj Šeks was found dead one of Goa beaches. He was apparently robbed and killed ten days ago. According to the report, he hadn’t contacted his family in past two weeks.


Vladimir Šeks and his wife Marija are on their way to Goa to formally identify remains of their son.

In the meantime, the details of the story are trickling in Croatian media. Apparently, the murder took place on February 25th. A day later a body – later identified by Domagoj Šeks’ friends – was found in sea. Domagoj Šeks’ motorbike and some 500 € in cash were stolen, apparently by his murderer or murderers.


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