Monday, January 13, 2003

Dark Shire

In last few centuries Bosnia's neighbours used very special name for that country – Tamni vilajet, which is best translated as Dark Shire. This afternoon Bosnia lived up to this name due to the total collapse of Bosnia's power grids. And, since those power grids are partially integrated with those in their western neighbour, darkness from Bosnia has spread there, namely Split and the rest of Dalmatia.

The power had been off for nearly three hours and has returned just in time for me to watch Serie A game between Inter Milan and Modena. This was poor compensation for lost TottenhamEverton thrills, since the teams were hardly equal. From start to finish it was one-sided affair, with Inter taking 2:0 lead early on and keeping it until the last whistle.

In the meantime, apart from power getting back to people's homes, situation in Split is hardly normal. Couple of ISPs and cable TV systems are still in disarray, while the street lights are out. It would take Monday morning for emergency repair crews to put things back to normal. Until then, citizens of Split are about to experience a cold, dark and very frightening night.


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