Friday, January 31, 2003

Government's national drug policy might bring some unexpected benefits to Croatia. Country's youth, which had been totally disinterested in politics for the last decade or so, seems to be awoken from its apathy. And at some occasions this newly found interest in politics goes beyond mere expression of their opinion and takes form of direct political action.

Few days ago city of Sinj in Dalmatian hinterland was visited by the group of drug experts for the purpose of public lecture. The lecture was quite interesting and not only for shocking the audience with some unpleasant truths about their town – like many of their young citizens being forced into male prostitution in order to support their drug habit. The lecture was attended by dozens of young men between 15 and 18 years of age who began heckling the lecturers any time some of them would say something bad about cannabis. This is quite significant, because small provincial city of Sinj experienced something that big and seemingly enlightened urban centres like Zagreb, Split or Rijeka did not.


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