Wednesday, January 01, 2003

There are probably worse ways to start new year than to start a new blog in the same time. As the title says, this is still beta version. I had worked on the previous one only to learn the ropes of blogging – find the proper technique of editing/pasting, discover the proper template and, finally, to see whether I have time and inclination for such endeavour.

The results were mixed. On one hand, I’m thrilled with the idea that the whole world (theoretically) might share my innermost feelings or opinions about subjects I deem important. On the other hand, I know that my voice is just one of many and I probably don’t matter much in the whole scheme of things. Finally, it all takes a plenty of time and creative energy and I’m quite confident that I can’t compete with the people who gave me an inspiration for this project.

I was pondering whether to start blog with the usual intro – a little bit about myself, biography etc. But I decided to postpone revealing of such information. Besides, what is the point? The only way people may actually create impression of someone on the Internet is through his/her writing and biographical resumes can do little to improve such image. Besides, those who really want to find out personal details could slowly create the picture through my writing. Why should I spoil their fun at the very beginning?


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