Thursday, March 13, 2003

Serbian Lee Harvey Oswald?

It seems that the Serbian government has found someone very convenient to put the blame for its leader's killing. They named names and alleged that the one organised crime gang – so called "Zemun gang" - was responsible not only for yesterday's assassination, but also for most of the unsolved high-profile murders and kidnappings in Serbia during 1990s.

Serbian government's sudden frankness and willingness to point fingers is rather suspicious. Serbian police and intelligence services had all that information before, but they hadn't acted on them. According to government's statement, the assassination was an attempt to prevent major arrests of "Zemun gang" leaders.

I'm a little bit sceptical towards this. Đinđić could have moved against "Zemun gang" much earlier, with the same zeal shown by his successors. But he chose not to, which leads to all kinds of speculations. If the truth about yesterday's killing comes out some day, my guess is that at least one part of it would have something to do with the people with whom Đinđić was in cahoots.


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