Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Is She For Real?

Following the strange (and sinister) disappearance of Raed, blogosphere is confronted with another great mystery. Isabela V. alias "Flight Risk" – blogger who claims to be young woman on the run from power-wielding father. Genuine or not, her blog makes a good read.

I began speculating who real-life candidates for Isabella might be. So far, the real-life personality whose history resembles Isabella's the most is Mirjana Lučić (Mirjana Lucic), once promising tennis teenager star from Croatia. She used to be coached by her father, man belonging to one of the most powerful West Herzegovina clans – people who controlled business, police and intelligence services in that Croat-populated part of Bosnia. Mirjana (or "Mikica", as she was called) apparently couldn't stand her over-bearing father any more and made spectacular escape to USA, severing all her ties not only with family, but with her country as well. After her flight, she refused to answer questions in Croatian during her press-conferences. Unfortunately, that decision had great impact on her tennis career – she began losing and now is next to non-entity in WTA.

In most likelihood Isabella has very little to do with "Mikica", though. But "Mikica" story shows that stuff described in the blog indeed happens in real life.


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