Friday, April 11, 2003

Two Sides of Srebrenica

Former Yugoslav wars were never simple. Not even in the case of Srebrenica, former Muslim enclave in Eastern Bosnia, place of the worst post-WW2 massacre in Europe. For world's public this it looked like a simple case of unarmed and defenceless Muslims desperately seeking shelter from UN peacekeepers only to be delivered to heavily-armed Serbs and brutally slaughtered.

Yet it seems that Serbs weren't the only side to commit atrocities in Srebrenica. Last night Naser Orić (Naser Oric), wartime commander of Bosnian Muslim garrison in that town, was arrested by SFOR troops and brought to Hague. He had been secretly indicted for war crimes committed against Bosnian Serb civilians in and around Srebrenica – murders, torture and even mini-version of Srebrenica massacre that had occurred after Bosnian Muslim raid on Serb village.
Orić's name used to be mentioned in speculations about ICTY indictments, but few believed that Bosnian Muslim commander would end up in Hague cell before his better known Serb counterpart General Ratko Mladić (Ratko Mladic).


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