Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Surreal Moment

This afternoon I caught a little glimpse of Croatian state television programme and I watched the unbelievable scene. Two men were sitting in bar and compare their 1991-95 War experiences. Nothing unusual except the fact that there were on the opposing side – one was Croatian war veteran, while another was former Serb paramilitary. The discussion was incredibly civil, with both men having experiences incredibly similar to each other (Croat had the usual litany about Serbs having advantage in heavy weaponry, while Serb complained about poor logistics and being betrayed by Federal Army).

Only few years ago seeing such scene on Croatian television was simply unimaginable.

And only few moments before watching that scene I saw few glimpses of CNN covering the latest Jerusalem bombing. Seeing the bar scene afterwards was somewhat comforting – perhaps one day, in ten, twenty or thirty years, an Israeli and Palestinian would have similar discussion on local television.


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