Sunday, July 06, 2003

ICC Wrecks Serbia-Montenegro Union

Croatian government, all too aware of rising anti-American feeling among Croatian population in election year, decided to refuse US request for ICC non-extradition treaty. Therefore, Croatian authorities would be able to arrest and extradite American citizens to ICC. US government replied by cutting military aid, but few Croatians so far noticed it – lack of some 19 million US$ would hardly hurt anyone except those in already shrunk and insignificant Croatian military.

Our eastern neighbours aren't so lucky. Loosened union between Serbia-Montenegro seems to be on the brink of total collapse after five months of its existence. The reason is American request for non-extradition treaty. While Serbia, where many people still didn't forgive USA for 1999 bombing, doesn't like it, Montenegrin government greeted this offer with utmost enthusiasm. On July 4th Montenegrin authorities informed US consul in Podgorica that they would sign non-extradition treaty unilaterally, without any consultation with their Serbian partners. Of course, Montenegrin government couldn't care less about ICC or USA, but this treaty would be an excellent opportunity for Montenegro to snatch quick US diplomatic recognition. This already caused some Serbian officials to question existence of Serbia-Montenegro Union.


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