Sunday, July 20, 2003

Temptation Island

I watched the final episode of the first season of Temptation Island. It has been a while before I was able to watch single TV show from the beginning to the end. I rarely have time to watch television with much of a regularity and when I miss an episode I usually stop watching altogether, thus saving myself from unnecessary spoilers and thinking of buying or renting DVDs in foreseeable future. (This might change after I have purchased DVD-recorder).

So, I had watched Temptation Island and I might offer some opinion about it. For me the show was the most entertaining in its first episodes, before establishing patterns. Afterwards it became predictable, including the ending – which was supposed to be “shocking”, but it wasn’t. All couples decided to stay together, despite Fox TV manipulating audiences in believing otherwise (and some of the participants also showed ability to manipulate expectations of the audience).


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