Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Tironi Dumps Nova TV

Those who follow Croatian media scene already know that there is something rotten with Nova TV, project which was supposed to crush television monopoly of state-owned HRT. Its news programme is in disarray, some of their top reporters have left, and now even their most spectacular success is turning into worst possible failure. Marin Tironi, the winner of immensely popular Story Supernova reality show (or what Nova TV have claimed to be reality show), has recently declined to take the job of hosting Red Carpet – Nova TV’s ambitious entertainment news show (and that job was the main reward of Story Supernova contest). After some public display of reconciliation between Tironi and Nova TV, Tironi has decided to dump Nova TV entirely and take the job of hosting Upitnik, popular game show which is aired on HRT.

This probably represents the hardest and most humiliating blow for Nova TV. Not only did they lost their main (and arguably the only) star, but they lost it to their main competitors. To make things even worse, Tironi is going to be joined by Story Supernova co-finalist Barbara Radulović (Barbara Radulovic), who is also leaving Nova TV and even confirmed that decision while being interviewed for Iskon Internet news site.

Obviously people at Nova TV didn’t take this very lightly. News of Tironi’s departure was immediately followed by press release which not only slams Tironi for acting “maliciously”, but also hints about Tironi currently being tried for narcotic-related offences.


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