Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Alienating Fan Boy Voting Base

In the meantime, Luka Bebić (Luka Bebic), one of HDZ leaders involved in latest "Jambo" affair, had less luck in scoring election point for his party. While answering to "Jambo" accusation, he tried to portray the accuser as someone whose claims shouldn't be taken seriously. "His psychological level is equal to 13 year old boy. You know, he still reads children's comic books."

While Bebić's boss Ivo Sanader tried very hard to make HDZ "hip" and acceptable to young "urban" voters, this remark would undoubtedly alienate fan boys and reduce pool of swing voters for HDZ. Whether this would have any major impact on election results is too early to tell (my money is on "yes", since the race seems to be very tight and every vote would count).

However, Dubrovnik prosecutors don't seem to be much impressed with Bebić's psychological evaluation skills. They put much more credence to "Jambo's" claims and there is some talk about formal criminal investigation of the whole extortion business.


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