Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Death of UN Representative

On one hand, destruction of UN headquarters in Iraq and death of UN's top official represents a huge coup for anti-US forces in that country. If one of top international officials can be hit, than everyone can be hit. If they wanted to quash any hope of "light being at the end of the tunnel", terrorists could have never done any better.

On the other hand, this incident can also be PR disaster for Iraqi resistance. Shooting US soldiers is one thing – even if it is done in most perfidious ways, there is always someone who could condone such activity as legitimate "struggle against foreign occupiers". But to attack "soft" target and kill plenty of international bureaucrats, many of them belonging to countries or organisations not particularly friendly to USA, is something quite different.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear news of next Saddam's tape trying to distance Baathists from this thing.


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