Monday, September 22, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Poor Sanader

Yesterday Sanader visited Rijeka and announced his own great 2003 expectations. He claims only that HDZ would win next elections, but that his party would triumph even in VIII Electoral District. To say that this expectation is optimistic would be understatement – HDZ was being regularly pummelled by voters in Istria/Rijeka region since first democratic elections. Seeking victory in VIII Electoral District and directing resources there is a folly similar to Dubya's attempt to carry California during 2000 US presidential elections.

Sanader, however, despite all of his arrogance, didn't fail to give impression of crybaby. He complained about HDZ and journalists being "under secret surveillance and wiretaps", all "in the interest of SDP and HSS".

If Sanader's accusations were true, this would only represent continuation of Tudjman's policies. But, unlike today, opposition leaders and independent media in Tudjman's years had plenty of evidence about secret police's clandestine and illegal activities directed towards them. Without giving evidence Sanader only looks pathetic with his attempt to win sympathy vote from Croatian right-winger as some kind of martyr. This doesn't fit his self-imposed image of unstoppable Račan-busting machine.


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