Saturday, October 25, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Deadlock in the Making?

Results of new nation-wide poll, this time conducted by Media Metar polling agency in the past week, were published in Jutarnji list today. They show remarkably similar results with IRI – right-wing parties (HDZ, HSP, HSLS-DC) having slight edge over parties of "left-centre" governing coalition (SDP, HSS, HNS). Sanader's allies would win 72 seats, while Račan's (Racan's) coalition would win 68. Again, ethnic minority and diaspora MSes complicate matters – 3 "diaspora" seats are most probably going to end in Sanader's, while ethnic minority seats would go for Račan. This would result in Račan losing elections yet keeping single seat majority in Sabor.

Judging by the recent experiences, any future Croatian cabinet – whether chaired by Račan or Sanader – is going to be incredibly unstable. Davor Butković's (Davor Butkovic's) article in Jutarnji list is already offering good solution – HSS, being a conservative right-wing party, would join ranks with their ideological brethren and thus spare Croatia from gridlock. In exchange, HDZ would support HSS chairman and former Sabor speaker in its 2005 presidential bid.


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