Friday, November 07, 2003

Jessica Lynch – True American Heroine

I have a confession to make. I self-censored this blog, trying not to make it more inflammatory.

The occasion were few comments in Croatian newsgroup regarding Jessica Lynch's rescue. Needless to say, most Croatian were against war in Iraq. Large number of Croatians are still against American presence in Iraq. Some express those opposition using the same rhetoric against Americans that was once used against Serbs.

Following Jessica Lynch's well-publicised resuce, many of them used words like: "I hope that Iraqis at least did number on that ****".

Now it seems that Iraqis apparently "did a number" on her.

I must admit that I used to treat any claims of Jessica Lynch being "American heroine" as nothing more than cheap propaganda. But now I understand that Jessica Lynch is real heroine.

Not because she was good soldier, and definitely not because of the mere fact that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She is heroine because she admitted to the world that she was human being after all. That requires strength and character few people in this world posses.


Diana, who returned to blogging, has few interesting thoughts on the subjects.


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