Sunday, November 30, 2003

Story Supernova Horror Show

Last night's Story Supernova Music Talents show is not going to be remembered for any musical performance. Real show stealer was the exchange between two jury members, recorded by cameras back stage. One was former TV host Mirna Berend who had already made waves thanks to couple of double entendres directed towards her arch-rival Vlatka Pokos couple of weeks before. During one of the previous exchanges Pokos said that Berend, woman far from her young years, preferred younger boys.

This was opportunity used by Josip Katalenić (Josip Katalenic), young wannabe pop star and jury member of Story Supernova Juniors. Katalenić had been object of intense media criticism and nasty accusations for child abuse due to his immature antics, sexist language and verbal abuse during Juniors show. When his name was announced during last night's show, there were applause was followed by boos from the audience.

That didn't discourage Katalenić from making his move which resulted in an exchange that would, in most likelihood, enter the annals of Croatian entertainment industry.

KATALENIĆ: I have a little question for you. I heard that you prefer younger men, but of legal age. Since I'm of legal age, is there any chance for me to ask you out for a coffee or something like that?

BEREND: Don't be angry, but you aren't my type. Sorry, but you aren't my type at all.

KATALENIĆ: And what I have to do to become your type?

BEREND: Nothing. You would have be born again as dark, tall, handsome, smart, charming…

KATALENIĆ: Then I would have to wait for you to have daughter…

BEREND: In another lifetime, in another lifetime…

Only an hour later this exchange became prime time news on Media Index website.

Apart from Katalenić making complete idiot of himself, the ultimate highlight of last night show was musical number, again not deprived of some nasty associations. Nera Stipičević (Nera Stipicevic) did her own version of You Make My Feel, dressed up and made up to look like the clone of Michael Jackson. Seeing her on stage surrounded by screaming pre-teen boys was both sinister and magnificent spectacle.


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