Sunday, December 21, 2003

Rock'n'roll Scrooge

Rafael "Rafo" Dropulić (Rafael "Rafo" Dropulic), winner of Story Supernova Music Talents contest, tried to reconcile his rock star antics with the image of good Catholic boy from small, God-fearing town of Ploče (Ploce) in Southern Dalmatia. Or, at least, that was impression given by the announcement that he would donate his award money to the local priest and thus allow him to build proper church – something that Ploče had been denied through the years of Communism.

But, according to today's Slobodna Dalmacija, "Rafo" denied that he would make such noble donation. He said: "Padre would get nothing. What Rafo earned, Rafo would spend for himself."

Making such statement few days before Christmas, in a time where all Croatians are supposed to be good, generous Christians, is definitely going to create some major PR problems for "Rafo". On the other hand, such controversy would undoubtedly help preserve "Rafo" in the media spotlight.


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