Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Latin vs. "Thompson"

The long-awaited episode of Denis Latin's Latinica talk show, dealing with the controversy around Marko Perković "Thompson" and problematic lyrics of his songs, was aired on Croatian state television last night. Denis Latin began the show with a audio recording of "Jasenovac i Gradiška Stara" (Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara) accompanied by WW2 documentary footage and titles explaining what the lyrics of the songs endorsed.

The subsequent discussion was disappointing. Few people who tried to defend "Thompson" did poor job in changing the minds of those outraged by the song. Those brought to express outrage (including Zora Dirnbach, author whose family was murdered in Jasenovac) could hardly change the minds of "Thompson's" fans. Those fans scored major victory by expressing support for "Thompson" in phone poll with 57 % calls in favour and 43 % against "Thompson".

Despite those results, it is very unlikely that "Thompson" would have as much exposure on Croatian state television and other "regular" media as he had in previous few years.


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