Monday, March 29, 2004

Another Femme Fatale

Domovinskog rata Street, not very far from Slobodna Dalmacija building, was the briefly turned into battleground on Thursday.

Nine pupils of "Braća Radić" (Braca Radic) Agricultural High School from Kaštel-Štafilić (Kastel-Stafilic) were facing six pupils of Split Industrial High School, all natives of Dugopolje.

Brief battle waged with wooden and metal sticks had been arranged via SMS. It didn't last long because police intervened very quickly. Five boys were arrested, while one later turned himself in, having suffered small bruise.

A day later police had set patrols around "Braća Radić" after reports of Split Industrial High School pupils organising 30-men strong penal expedition armed with knives and pistols.

The alleged cause of the feud was a girl from Kaštela. She had been apparently maltreated by couple of Split pupils few days earlier. Kaštela boys have arranged the battle in order to defend her honour.

It is comforting to know that the ancient values of honour and chivalry are being passed to the younger generations of Croatia.


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