Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Beauty and Politics

Short time ago I remembered reading few left-leaning American blogs. A story about Uma Thurman, Reese Whiterspoon and other prominent Hollywood actresses was followed by comments like "Democrats – Party of Hot Chicks".

Now it seems that Republicans have a hot chick of their own.

Experiences in Croatia tell that there isn't much of a correlation between someone's beauty (which is always in the eyes of the beholder) and someone's political views (even more so).

Fani Ćapalija (Fani Capalija), Miss Croatia 1993, was briefly a member of HDZ, Croatia's ruling hard-line nationalist party. Ćapalija later left HDZ, and rumours explained entry to Tudjman's party as a favour for lifelong friend and HDZ activist.

Branka Bebić (Branka Bebic), Miss Croatia 1994, joined HSLS, at a time rather left-of-centre party.

In both cases beauty queens' memberships in certain political parties had next to zero effect on those parties' popularity or election results. I guess the same thing would happen in USA. Celebrity endorsements might make nice PR or serve as a moral-booster for the party faithful, but an average voters is likely to cast his or her ballot based on their his/her own rather than some airhead's opinion.


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