Monday, July 12, 2004

Work of Art

The latest twist in Severina Affair happened today when Croatian High Commerce Court declared infamous Severina Vučković's (Severina Vuckovic's) sex video to be "work of art" and, as such, subject to copyright protection. This declaration is a victory for Severina's lawyer Anto Nobilo who needed this condition for criminal complaint against Matija Babić (Matija Babic), editor of side. Babić has broken the story and illustrated it with couple of still photos from the video. For Nobilo this is reason enough for Babić to be criminally prosecuted.

This might be victory for Severina and Nobilo, but it is mostly symbolic. Even if Babić gets tried for copyright violation and his news site becomes extinguished as a result, this wouldn't bring the genie back to bottle. The only motivation behind Severina's legal actions is vendetta and Nobilo's desperate attempt to restore his image of Croatia's top lawyer.

More interesting thing in this whole affair is the way Croatia's judiciary has redefined "art" in order to rule in favour of Croatian "national treasure" (as Severina was referenced by her colleague Nikolina "Nikita" Ivošević in one of the talk shows).


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