Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sacro Egoismo

There are still many uncertainties about 2004 election, but one thing is beyond any doubt – Hollywood, is all but unanimously going to lend support for Kerry, with few token Hollywood Republicans being conspicuously quiet.

There are many convenient explanations for that phenomenon. Some are ideological – entertainment industry professionals cherish freedom of expression and censorship was traditionally associated with conservative Republicans. Other explanations take into account demographics – most Hollywood actors belong to minorities which traditionally take Democratic side.

However, this can't explain the hatred Hollywood feels towards Bush, which is as intense as the one expressed by the lunatic fringe of American Left (or lunatic fringe of American Right during Clinton years). This hatred has its roots in Bush's character traits and image. With his sobriety, traditional religiosity, impeccable petit bourgeois personal life and utter plainness he represents antithesis of an average Hollywood celebrity. Bush also lacks many talents that Hollywood professionals take for granted. Thought of such obviously untalented man enjoying more fame and publicity than them causes great deal of envy among Hollywood people. This envy, just like in many similar instances, reflects itself in pathological hatred.

But the real source of Hollywood's anti-Bush stance is more prosaic. Most of Hollywood films don't manage to make any kind of profit unless they have a run in non-USA markets. That makes Hollywood more dependable on non-Americans and their public sentiments than on American audiences. This dependence manifested itself in Steven Spielberg's decision to drop his plans about movie dealing with Munich Olympics massacre and Israeli hunt for Palestinian terrorists. Spielberg simply came to conclusion that such film could get audiences and positive reviews in USA, Israel and nowhere else; at the same time bad reputation of such film could harm Spielberg's future projects.

Just as Spielberg wants to distance himself from Israel, Hollywood desperately tries to distance itself from George W. Bush, who is, rightly or wrongly, the most hated man in the world today. Ideology and feelings play second fiddle to simple economic interest.


Blogger FelixUSA said...

I think you forgot the most obvious reason; it's fashionable. Many Hollywood celebrities gain clout among their peers by bashing a conservative.

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