Thursday, August 05, 2004

Will They Return?

Few days ago Hajduk Split started its European season with the disappointing match against Ireland's Shelbourne on Poljud Stadium. The first leg match was 3-2 victory, but Hajduk players apparently showed disturbingly low levels of skill and determination. Members of Torcida, Hajduk's fan group, were apparently very concerned about possibility of defeat in the second leg. One year earlier, in similar situation, they dug graves on the pitch. It worked and Hajduk managed to get through.

This year, they invaded the pitch during Hajduk's 1st team training session and gave very short and very simple message to players: "If you lose in Ireland, you better stay there."

Fan's message was apparently not appreciated enough. Last night Hajduk lost 2-0 and provided Shelbourne with one of the most impressive results in the history of Irish participation in European club competitions.

This day, when Hajduk players are supposed to return to Split, is going to be very interesting. I wonder when will anyone of the players, coaches and club officials make a public appearance.


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