Saturday, September 18, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Live Blogging #2: Candidates

I've seen first 8 out 12 candidates.

These are my first impressions.

Ana – girl from Šibenik, bland, no impression at all

Ozren – eternal student loser from Zagreb

Sanja – shaven vegetarian loser

Krešo – loser from Zaprešić, quiet, bland, simpleminded, might very well win

Marina Bajlo – pretty blonde from Pula, people will love her, housemates will hate her, phrase "Marina Bajlo nude pictures" most likely to dramatically increase hitcount at this blog

Saša (Sasa) – biker, tattoo artist, rock music fan; he would try too hard and most probably burn, but might get sympathies out of his family man image

Iva – artist from Rijeka, won't get far

Alen – Vin Diesel lookalike from Pazin, soccer freak, tries to harbour gangsta rap image; will get far, but probably wouldn't win


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