Thursday, November 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Dreams Like Marina

All those weeks and months of frustrating anticipation paid off, at least partially, for RTL Televizija and many of the show's fans. The House's most talked about relationship has reached another level – Alen Mačinić (Alen Macinic) and Marina Bajlo have slept together.

However, the nature of Alen and Marina's bedtime bliss doesn't seem to be of such nature to warrant anything over PG-13 rating. It all started with the celebration of Valentina's 24th birthday during which everyone, Marina included, took large amounts of alcohol. In case of Marina, who tried very hard to stay sober on previous occasions of such nature, this reflected in uncharacteristically uninhibited behaviour during which she jumped into Jacuzzi. In case of Alen it reflected in pathological jealousy when he realised that Marina in such state didn't mind being in close proximity to other male housemates, notably Zdravko.

Zdravko, who had recently dropped the bombshell in Confession Room with his description of Marina being in his dreams, seemed particularly enthusiastic about being in Jacuzzi with her. He expressed it in the most embarrassing way possible – he said to Marina that her legs was hairy, not realising that he actually touched Saša (Sasa).

This was apparently too much for Alen who went into another of his usual hissy fits, this time fuelled by alcohol. Things became ugly very soon. He literally took Marina to his room for some quiet discussion about his feelings being "betrayed". The discussion soon turned into monologue because Marina couldn't understand what was going on. Alen's voice was raised and situation instantly became very unpleasant. Even Big Brother team got concerned and they intervened by calling Marina to Confessions Room under the pretext of changing batteries. Alen was left in the room, alone and crying.

That wasn't the end of the evening for Alen. Few minutes later he got up only to throw up on the way to bathroom. In the bathroom itself he found Marina in the same predicament. Alcohol-fuelled jealousy was immediately replaced by the utmost concern for Marina. He helped her in the bathroom and later helped her on the way to bed, refusing to leave until she was "all right". Since Marina was apparently unwell due to too much alcohol, he took it as an excuse to spend the night first by her bedside, than sleeping in her bed.

Marina got up early in the morning, apparently in order to enjoy the benefits of privacy hour and possibly to discuss the new situation with other, mostly female housemates. She returned to bed and, judging by some late morning discussions with Alen, he again didn't take it very lightly. Two of them, however, are concerned how their drunkenness and its aftermath would play on national TV.

In the meantime, it seems that the decision of Electronic Media Council to censor Big Brother gave unprecedented PR boost to Croatia's first reality show. Before that decision almost all Croatian intellectuals, entertainment figures and other celebrities lambasted the show as something "stupid" and "damaging". The censorship swayed their opinion in opposite direction. Panel of politicians, opera actors, filmmakers, pop and opera singers gathered by Slobodna Dalmacija has attacked the Electronic Media Council and defended the show. This was also an opportunity for one of its members, Vjeko Kramer, cook who hosts culinary show on Nova TV, to become another Croatia's celebrity to announce his preference for one of show's candidates. He referred to Ms. Bajlo as "Sweet Marina".


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