Monday, December 27, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: La Comedia E Finita

With Saša (Sasa) receiving 1 million HRK cash prize the last live show of the first season of Big Brother Croatia – and undoubtedly the dullest of the season- was over.

However, the very last act of the show is happening right now in Zagreb's Piranha Bar. There RTL Televizija staged massive party in honour of contestants. Apart from thousands of "ordinary" people, party had many celebrity guests. Probably the biggest honour for housemates was appearance of Divas – one of Croatia's most popular and most respected girl bands. Divas, a band that ruled over Croatian pop charts in past eight years, is splitting and they chose Big Brother final party as one of their last gigs.

After being subjected to the parade of athletes, pop musicians and other celebrities on red carpet, RTL Televizija show hosts finally caught opportunity to get few words from the finalists. It took some time for them to deal with their emotions and be able to say something coherent.

Saša (Sasa) said that he hadn't recognise one of his boys – the elder one grew up so much and his voice changed during three months. Zdravko said that he didn't care about winning 1 million HRK.

Probably the most interesting statements came when Alen and Marina were interviewed by Paola Poljak. Shortly before those interviews Alen was subjected to the dozens of female fans chanting his names and trying to slip them their cell phone numbers. That, together other forms of friendly persuasion helped Alen to adopt the official party and say that he was "only friends" with Marina. Marina again went on record that she would never imagine any future life with Alen.

This is the last Big Brother Croatia update on this blog. There may be more blog entries related to the show in the future, but no regular updates, at least not until the next season.


Blogger brotherlylove said...

could you please find out what is going on with To Sem Ja. Let me know if feeds have been blocked from US?

1:08 PM  
Blogger Dragan said...

I'm afraid I can't help you, at least not on such short notice. Unlike Big Brother, To Sum Jas isn't aired by Croatian public television stations, so I can gether information only indirectly.

7:30 PM  

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