Friday, March 11, 2005

Eyes Officially Shut

Today 24 sata published an article about the results of a poll conducted among 100 female high school students in 10 largest Croatian cities. They asked a simple question – "Would you, for a decent fee, agree to star in pornographic film". According to the poll, some 43 % answered positively which led article author, Sanja Petrović (Sanja Petrovic), to lament over moral decline of Croatia. Especially worrisome is higher percentage of positive answers among the youngest of students.

(Then again, you should take this poll results with huge rock of salt. The article says that 35 polled girls were pupils of an "elite Zagreb private school". This gives you some idea how representative the sample was.)

In any case, those young ladies who do start that kind of adventure won't have to worry about their parents, friends, teachers, boyfriends etc. watching their act on public airwaves. Croatian Electronic Media Council took care of that by penalising OTV over its airing of Kozjak, one of the most famous pieces of modern Croatian filmmaking. The station is going to have its broadcasting license suspended for 24 hours – between March 19th 20:00 CET and March 20th 20:00 CET. Denis Peričić (Denis Pericic), Council chairman, said that the Council took this drastic and unprecedented measure in order to "send a message to other television stations that breeches of law would not be tolerated".


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