Tuesday, April 05, 2005

EU Cup Half Full

We live in really interesting times when Croatian daily newspapers reports about new polls showing 51 % of Croatians supporting Croatian entry to EU as a wonderful news.

However, even if such triumphalism clearly shows pro-EU bias of Croatian media establishment, it also shows how desperate things look to average Europhile. Any, even the slightest, reversal of anti-EU trends is hailed as major victory. The last polls, conducted a month ago, showed support for EU to be 47 %, which means that the number of pro-EU Croatians rose by 4 %. And 4 % is what American political pundits like to call “margin of error” whenever they discuss polls.

Some other EU-related polls, however, aren’t likely to catch attention of Croatian media. For example, polls showing the majority of Frenchmen against ratification of European constitution were never reported in Croatian newspapers, magazines or other media. It is very likely that Croatian media establishment doesn’t want Croatian people to get strange ideas, especially before local elections when any party or candidate outside pro-EU mainstream happens to be totally ignored.


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