Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another First Thing

There is first time for everything. According to some media reports, another thing happened in Croatia for the first time. Producers of Villa Maria, Croatia’s first television soap opera, have decided to increase realism and “relevance” of their show by having some of the scenes shot on real locations. One of them is Saloon Club in Zagreb, where they added to the realism by having Boris Mikšić (Boris Miksic), Minnesota businessman and candidate for Croatian presidency at the last elections, in cameo role.

According to my knowledge, this represents the very first time in which Croatian politician – or any celebrity, for that matter – appears as cameo in television drama or feature film.

It remains to be seen when the actual episode is going to be aired. Mikšić, whose presidential run has brought instant fame among average Croatians, but also an enmity of political and cultural establishment, has announced that he would try to win the post of Zagreb mayor on upcoming local elections. The elections are going to be held in April or May.

If Villa Maria episode featuring Mikšić is aired during the campaign, it is almost certain that some may interpret it as pro-Mikšić propaganda and claim that state-run HRT, where the show is aired, breaks electoral laws.

This cameo role is probably not going to be much of a help Mikšić much. And Mikšić needs help these days, at least when he characters like these as his outspoken supporters.


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