Friday, February 18, 2005

New Paths of Glory

According to Croatian magazine Arena, Severina Vučković (Severina Vuckovic) is on a way to become a “proper” movie star. After Lordan Zafranović (Lordan Zafranovic), Ahmed Švrakić (Ahmed Svrakic) is another filmmaker to offer her a role in prestigious movie project. The movie titled Duhovi Sarajeva (Ghosts of Sarajevo) is supposed to have cast made of “anyone who means something in Sarajevo”. Severina apparently belongs to that category.

In the meantime, it is becoming apparent that Severina served as a role model for many young people in this part of the world. They saw all brouhaha created by the tape and concluded that such tapes represent the best – and for many the only – way of getting public attention, fame and fortune.

Scandal over gay list in Zagreb coincided with the release of another sex tape to Internet. One young man and one young woman –students housed in Zagreb students’ dorm in Šara (Dara) – have decided to record some of their extracurricular activities camera and asked another female student to assist them with camera. Result of those efforts quickly appeared on the Internet and while the students face disciplinary action over the use of dorm Internet facilities for “inappropriate purposes” the interest for the tape among Croatian Web surfers became almost insatiable.

In neighbouring Serbia few high school students decided to help their compatriot Suzana Mančić (Suzana Mancic) by staging something that should outshine Ms. Mančić’s tape. Group of 16-year old girls - students of Legal and Bureau-technic School in Zemun - was apparently very bored during one of their classes so they decided to stage show that included strip tease and simulated lesbian activity. The images were recorded on digital camera and quickly appeared on a certain website in Germany. Croatian media is all over the news, and many of magazines and news portals apparently were so enthusiastic of those images that they disregarded any possibility of some overzealous officials treating those pictures like child pornography.

Those problems probably won’t bother those who watch the film announced by Nives Zeljković (Nives Zeljkovic) a.k.a. Nives Celzijus. Former Playboy model and aspiring “turbo folk” singer – who makes Ceca look and sound like Maria Callas in comparison – has realised that her music career reached dead end, at least if some drastic measures aren’t taken. In her case those drastic measures included having sex with British pop star Jamiroquai and recording it on tape. According to Serbian newspaper Blic, the tape is going to create “havoc” within the world’s jet set.


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