Monday, February 14, 2005

Gloomy Valentine

Today was cloudy in Split with occasional drops of rain. In the afternoon rain became heavy and accompanied with strong wind. In short, it wasn’t particularly beautiful day.

It was hard to imagine this day as anything special. All that despite the media relentlessly trying to tie it with the most intimate parts of individuals’ life for commercial purposes.

Today we also saw that some characters took their cue from Al Capone and used St. Valentine’s Day as an excellent opportunity to express some feelings other than love in the most spectacular way possible.

Some characters’ motives for certain Valentine’s Day actions can never be speculated on. Greatest media story in Croatia today is the emergence of a certain MS Excel file on Internet. The file contains names, addresses and cell phone numbers of some 800 men of homosexual orientation. The names on the list, according to site, include prominent actors, ballet dancers, opera singers, but also Olympic athletes, businessmen, politicians and foreign embassies’ officials. Apart from contact information, the list includes some, apparently personal comments and short description of the each of the individuals’ more specific sexual preferences.

Needless to say, the news about the list has dwarfed all brouhaha previously created by Suzana Mančić (Suzana Mancic) story. But, unlike Severina and Suzana Mančić, the people from that phantom list are unlikely to have their intimacy revealed to the public. The Croatian media establishment is going to exploit this story, but not in the way that could hurt some of their own people. So, even if someone finds the list, its authenticity is going to be stubbornly denied by everyone who is relevant in Croatia today.


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