Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sinister Coincidence

Today Croatian public was again saddened with the news of a Croatian becoming a casualty of Iraq conflict. Ivan Pavčević (Ivan Pavcevic), truck driver from Nova Gradiška (Nova Gradiska) was killed when his convoy was attacked by Iraqi insurgents near Tikrit.

Pavčević is second Croatian citizen to get killed in Iraq. And just like in the case Dalibor Burazović (Dalibor Burazovic) few months ago, this news comes accompanied with the disturbing report of Croatian citizen being arrested by US forces. In this case it was Zoran Siročić (Zoran Sirocic), another truck driver who, according to Vinko Ljubičić (Vinko Ljubicic), Croatian Foreign Ministry official, got into brawl with US Marines.

Another thing is likely to be repeated. Croatian officials are again going to try persuading Croatian truck drivers from risking their life in Iraq. And again the drivers, lured by the money they can only dream of making on more peaceful routes, are going to ignore that advice.


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