Friday, February 04, 2005

Suspect in Tito's Monument Case

When Tito's statue in his home town of Kumrovec was blown up one month ago, many believed that the perpetrator, just like in so many instances in the past, will never be apprehended.

However, Sanader's government, either in order to compensate its own embarrassment or to verify their "European" credential so shaken after presidential campaign and Gotovina affair, at least tries to give impression of doing something.

Reports about suspect being interrogated by police appeared in Novi list, Rijeka daily newspaper. The suspect in question is Ljubo Ćesić-Rojs (Ljubo Cesic-Rojs), candidate on the last presidential elections, also known as one of the most colourful and most controversial figures on Croatian political scene. Ćesić-Rojs used to command Croatian Army engineer units during the war and he is also known for far right political views. So, he fits the profile based on his ideology and technological know-how. According to the article, he was summoned by police twice. However, the main reason why he was interrogated, at least judging by his statement given to the press, is the fact that he shot pre-election video in Kumrovec in October.


Blogger Seesaw said...

Do you really belive in this? I am afraid this is simply another show, same like the new statement made by Prime Minister Sanader re: Gotovina.

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