Saturday, February 05, 2005

Croatian Athletes on The Roll And Those Who Are Not

On Thursday Croatian handball team has won its Serbia-Montenegrin archrivals and secured semi-finals of World Handball Championship in Tunis.

Yesterday Janica Kostelić (Janica Kostelic) won the women’s combined event at the World Ski Championship in Bormio.

Today, Croatian handball team secured final after beating France.

All that represents a series of wonderful news that would help Croatians in swallowing what appears to be another embarrassment.

Blanka Vlašić (Blanka Vlasic), Croatia’s top track and field athlete and a Split native, is likely to move to Zagreb or some location because she is denied ability to train in her home town. Vlašić, just like other Split’s track and field athletes, is using indoors facility during winters. However, this facility is in building owned by Željko Kerum (Zeljko Kerum), local shopping mall tycoon. The athletes’ rent has been paid by City of Split administration. However, few months before the elections Kerum decided to raise the rent, to which City of Split officials responded by refusing to subsidise athletes any further. They offered a run-down disco club as an alternative which the athletes, including Vlašić, refused. Whether this row is going to resolved before Vlašić decides to quit and seek greener pastures remains to be seen.y, Croatian handball team secured final after beating France.

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Anonymous Justin said...

after travelling to Croatia last month, i am infatuated with the country and people. I have read and heard about the amount of athletes in American sports who come from the 'HR'. The numbers are there and Croatia is awesome!

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