Monday, February 07, 2005

Triumphs at Right Time

Janica Kostelić (Janica Kostelic) a.k.a. “Queen of the Hill” (as Eurosport calls her) has won downhill event and thus brought second gold medal from World Ski Championship in Bormio. This, together with bronze medal for slalom won by her brother Ivica, is going to serve as a huge comfort for Croatian sports fans who had their dreams turned into nightmare thanks to Croatian handball team having one of those days.

Croatian handballers were great throughout whole World Handball Championship but yesterday, at the very final, they apparently decided to compensate for all the bad games they hadn’t delivered before. Spanish team humiliated them, making plenty of sour faces in Croatia, including prime minister Ivo Sanader who had arrived to Tunis in order to score some triumphalist points before local elections. Now he probably thinks he should have gone to Bormio instead.


Anonymous Rich Rostrom said...

For a country as small as Croatia to reach the final in a world championship is a great achievement. In US high school sports, state championships are divided into levels by number of students in the school. It was plainly unfair to pit teams drawn from 3,000 students against teams drawn from 300 students. There were occasional small-town 'miracle' teams, like the Appleknockers from Cobden, Illinois (pop. 918). Their second-place finish in basketball in 1964 is legend. Croatia's handballers deserve similar regard.

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