Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fame, Infamy and Violent Hollywood Movies

There are so many stories unfolding in Croatia today, and so little time to blog about them.

One of them began on Saturday night in one apartment building in Zagreb. From one of the apartments came the strange noise and a neighbour came to complain about it. There he saw two university students - 23-year old Dragan Jung from Labin and 21-year old Masimo Kršulj (Masimo Krsulj) from Rabac – stabbing and hacking 22-year old Ante Vukelić (Ante Vukelic), who was tied to the chair. In the ensuing commotion Vukelić tried to escape only to jump from the fifth floor and die; Kršulj fled the scene while the neighbour managed to detain Jung before the arrival of police. Kršulj was arrested by police few hours later. In the meantime, Damir Jung confessed another murder – in May 2001 he killed 77-year old Marija Knapić (Marija Knapic), his grandmother’s neighbour.

So far, this is the most notorious crime that had occurred in Croatia in 2005. Some of the details are likely to bring even more notoriety. Apparently, despite the murder being premeditated, young Vukelić was killed without any particularly rational reason. All three men were friends, good students and, at least according to the statements of their friends, colleagues and relatives, weren’t involved in drugs. But some time ago all three plotted to rob a petrol station. Then, after some time, Kršulj claimed that he had all those discussions recorded on tape. Jung and Vukelić than plotted to kill him. But, for some strange reason, Jung changed his mind, betrayed Vukelić and informed Kršulj about this plan. Kršulj and Jung than decided to kill Vukelić instead. They brought Vukelić to their apartment under false pretext, subdued him, tied him to the chair and tried to kill him with axe – which had bought for that very occasion – and kitchen knives.

This case continues to profoundly disturbe the small Istrian communities from where all participants in this bloody drama came. One of the people disturbed is author of creative blog, the very same Istrian blogger who happens to be next-door neighbour of Marina Bajlo, Big Brother Croatia finalist. He claims that he went to the same high school class with Dragan Jung and that he simply can’t fathom that.

This incident only shows how small Croatia is. There are very few degrees of separation between entertainment industry glamour and depraved criminal’s infamy.

RTL Televizija news, while reporting on the story, used Reservoir Dogs clips as an illustration. They also brough some lady psychiatrist to comment on the story and she, of course, blamed everything on violent Hollywood movies.

Although most legal experts believe that Dragan Jung will get the maximum penalty – “long term prison sentence” or 20-40 years behind bars, I’m little bit sceptical. With prevailing practice on putting the blame for the crimes on anyone and anything other than people who perpetrated them – and the claims of the psychiatrist mentioned above are perfect illustration – it is very likely the day when Dragan Jung returns on street is going to be as unfathomably soon as unfathomable his crime was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the stori u wrote, was told by jung to police trying to make this murder look lighter. try to do some reasrch befor becoming a real jurnalist

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Ivan from Croatia said...

you made a good comment... sadly...

12:13 PM  

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