Wednesday, February 23, 2005

RIP Mladen Delić (Mladen Delic) (1919 – 2005)

"People, is this possible? What is this? Madhouse!"

These immortal words are forever associated with one of the most dramatic moment in the history of sports in former Yugoslavia. More than two decades ago Yugoslav and Bulgarian team were playing European Soccer Championship qualification game at Poljud Stadium in Split. In the very last moment of the game Yugoslavia has scored a goal thus qualifying for the Championship.

But few people remember the man who scored the goal or the Championship. Everyone remembers Mladen Delić, legendary sports commentator who covered that very moment on television. Delić was one of the oldest and most experienced television professionals in Croatia. He was the first one to comment a soccer game for television in 1957, and he would later have 1500 various sports commentaries in his resume. Known for his temperament, Delić was able to transform the most pedestrian sports event into an epic drama. And he was wise enough to retire soon after his greatest moment of glory. His words later entered vocabularies of former Yugoslavia and got sampled into rap songs.


Blogger Bora Zivkovic said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear this. He will be remembered. I heard that he was a wonderful person in real life.

"Hvala oce, hvala majko, hvala brate Samarance!" (vaterpolo? Olimpijada? koje godine?)

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