Monday, February 03, 2003

Croatian Handball and Right Wing

Croatian handballers share right-wing views with the rest of Croatian professional athletes. Today, during the public celebration of their World Championship win on Jelačić (Jelacic) Square in Zagreb, handballers insisted that Marko Perković Thompson (Marko Perkovic Thompson), singer known for his far right views, becomes a part of programme. Thompson sang few of his songs, including the one dedicated to Ante Gotovina, Croatian Army general who is currently hiding from ICTY war crimes indictment. Since many of some 50-80,000 people in the Zagreb main square supported this choice of music, Croatian right wing is definitely going to use this opportunity to show how popular it is among ordinary people less than a year before election.

However, President Mesić (Mesic), Croatian right-wingers' arch-nemesis, managed to score some PR points and win national heroes' hearts during the official audience in Presidential mansion. Some of his methods were a little bit drastic, as you might see on this photograph, but at least nobody could accuse Mesić of being distanced or alienated from his people.


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