Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Dining With Đinđić (Djindjic)

Croatian veteran organisations are going to set up major roadblocks all over Croatia tomorrow. However, their press conference was marked by the statement of Dražen Pavlović (Drazen Pavlovic), one of their representatives from Sinj area. He advised "Mesić (Mesic), Račan (Racan) and Manolić (Manolic) to dine with their Comrade Đinđić (Djindjic) and thus rescue Croatia from misery".

The statement caused something of a shock on Croatian political scene. Even Ivica Crnić (Ivica Crnic), chief justice of Croatian Supreme Court, called it "a incitement to murder". Zagreb County Prosecutor's Office has announced investigation in the matter.

Račan (Racan) is probably going to profit from this statement. As I said before, any attempt to bring down Croatian government through coups, popular revolts and assassinations looks like a pointless exercise in a time when every opinion poll predicts current government's defeat at the elections. Then again, in Sinj and other areas of Dalmatian hinterland, the song about Mesic and Racan becoming worm food is constantly playing on local radio stations. It is easy to imagine Pavlovic being slightly carried away.


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