Saturday, March 15, 2003

Đindić (Djindjic) – Bad Role Model?

Croatian media has already started putting positive spin on Đinđić assassination. According to some op-ed pieces in Slobodna Dalmacija, killing of Serbian prime minister justifies cautious and non-confrontational policies of his Croatian colleague. Račan (Racan) refused to attack organised crime and far right extremists within army, police and intelligence community, and because of such caution, Croatia is spared of assassinations, terrorism and states of emergency. Furthermore, Đinđić killing should lead to the re-evaluation and changes in Hague Tribunal policy towards ex-Yugoslav republics – Carla del Ponte and her unrealistic demands for arrests and extraditions are indirectly blamed for Serbian tragedy.

Croatian media is also less constrained when it comes to describing dark side of the slain Serbian leader. Nova TV – Croatian private television – uses every opportunity to remind the audience of Đinđić's association with Siniša Subotić Cane (Sinisa Subotic Cane), notorious cigarette smuggler and one of the leading organised crime figures in former Yugoslavia. Other commentators are pointing towards "Zemun gang" leaders being the key factor in bloodless transfer of power from Milošević (Milosevic); the price for their co-operation had been the immunity from prosecution – domestic and Hague-based. By breaking its promise and announcing co-operation with Hague, Đinđić made himself into legitimate target (which is another analogy with JFK).

Some Croatian media don't even hide their nationalistic Schadenfreude. For them, this killing is final proof that Serbia belongs to Asiatic Balkans, while Croatia belongs to Europe. Other commentators point towards the harshness of some post-assassination measures – crushing of "Zemun gang's" headquarters is nothing more than public spectacle designed to hide Serbian government's lack of success in capturing the perpetrators, while some of emergency measures – ban on strikes, ban on public demonstrations, total control of media – weren't seen in the darkest days of Milošević's reign.


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