Saturday, April 12, 2003

Eppur Si Muove ?

Hajduk Split, soccer club which is among the most powerful organisations in the country, is apparently not above the law any more. At least this is the impression given by County Attorney's office and its indictment against ten ex-managers of Hajduk. They are accused for various financial felonies like tax evasion and embezzlement. The former charge is especially interesting development, since Hajduk, like any other major soccer club in Croatia, had accumulated quite a hefty tax debt over the years. Fulfilling those obligations, however, was never an issue, since soccer club enjoy strong support from politicians, squeamish about offending small armies of soccer fans.

Indictment against Hajduk ex-managers is also interesting because the club is known as HDZ stronghold. Among indicted are some well-known local HDZ politician, including Nadan Vidošević (Nadan Vidosevic), former economy minister in Tudjman's government.

This looks like a good development. Nobody in Croatia is above the law, or at least the government tries to give such impression.


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