Tuesday, April 29, 2003

On A Related Note:
Isabella, If You Read This…

…you would probably get rid of your Croatian passport. According to the findings of Croatian Foreign Ministry Internal Supervision, Marković is not the only Croatian diplomat to be engaged in questionable activities. Ćiro Grubišić (Ciro Grubisic), former Croatian consul general in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, has to fend off accusations about thousands of Croatian passports being issued illegally in his consulate.

The survey was conducted in 1999, but its findings became public only now, and only because recent discovery about Milorad "Legija" Luković (Milorad "Legija" Lukovic), former Serbian special police commander and alleged mastermind of Đinđić (Djindjic) assassination, being equipped with one those.


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