Saturday, April 26, 2003

She Is Not…

Isabella claims that she is not Liesel Pritzker. Article at Agonist's site claims the same (although it also claims that Liesel Pritzker's actions towards her family served as inspiration for "Isabella"). Furthermore, some of "Isabella's" claims don't fit with what is known about Liesel Pritzker – "Isabella" seems to be older.

Of course, some of details in "Isabella's" web-autobiography might be intentionally misleading. Considering the circumstances in which "Isabella" is, that would be hardly surprising. That would also serve as an explanation if, by any chance, at the end turns out that Liesel Pritzker is, despite all the denials, indeed "Isabella".

So far the most interesting revelation in her weblog concern her family's links to certain individual – her father's "mentor and confidant", who had been "spectacularly murdered in Germany 20 years ago". The only spectacular murder in Germany would be those of top industrialists who were targeted by RAF and other far left terrorist groups in West Germany. This also explains "Isabella's" anger when some of her readers wanted to interpret her flight as some sort of rebellion against capitalism.


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